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Nouvelles 14:25 : 1.823W=57%
24/03: 9,23kWh=2,9kWhp=133%
Max: 2.588W=81%
mars: 100,02kWh=31,3kWhp=47%
Max: 8,71kWh=2,7kWhp=126%
Gem: 4,17kWh    Ref: 6,94kWh

2019: 331,46kWh=103,6kWhp=12%
Max: 157,47kWh=49,2kWhp=70%
Gem: 110,49kWh

Total: 26.555,3kWh=8.299kWhp
Max: 3.021kWh=944kWh=112%
Gem: 2.414 kWh     Ref: 2.693 kWh